Haus K.

Beauty in the Steiermark

YEAR 2020 - 2021

Designing a house in the Steiermark, Austria

We designed the house on the slope with beautiful surroundings and clear view. The slope on which the house was built immediately catches the eye.

In general, it is a rather impassable terrain, where one would not immediately suspect a house was being built. In this case, however, the building blends in very nicely with the surrounding landscape and by no means looks like a foreign body in the green.


Ivan Stanivuk


Steiermark, Austria


200 m2



Rooms are designed to be very open and friendly. The large window fronts offer a lot of light and a welcome view.

Garrage and the terrace are an absolute highlight. This project was created using the most advanced technologies architectural design of buildings, spaces, and high-quality archviz images, video, and immersive experiences. It was architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping experience.


Rooms offer enough space for a spacious bed with bedside cabinets. It is a very generously designed area in the fresh air. A large table can easily be found here and invites you to spend sociable evenings in the open air. 

The view is also outstanding from here. Our high-quality 3D & video production for architecture and urban design had a task to portray a residential area so the client can see what their future building will look like before they are built.