Interactive Visualization

Live the interaction!

YEAR 2020

Archviz real-time visualization using Unreal Engine 4 Real-Time Rendering

The goal was to provide the client with possibilities for a real-time walkthrough of properties they are selling or showcasing, including apartment buildings, office buildings, large-scale architectural projects, etc.

Experience includes an ability for exterior and interior visualization with included property interaction, like building and environment overview, apartment/office tour and customization, property reservation and purchase, limited architectural reconstruction or redesign of the property, etc.


ZIS International


Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Real-Time Interactive Rendering

Client is a construction company focused on buildings construction and selling business and residential properties. The project involves an application used for architectural visualization which will increase the quality of presentation and sales of these properties.

CGI animation is the key that unlocks the viewers’ hearts, igniting their imagination. They are now able to show all aspects of their property in detail, increasing the chances of sales potential and greatly expands their marketing options.