Living room and kitchen workaround
for Macy

Be faithful to your living room comfort!

YEAR 2020

Redesigning kitchen and living room spaces
Residential project

The living room is at the heart of the house in most cases. It is a place where we welcome our guests, family, and friends. Macy asked us to redesign her favourite room and to achieve the best possible comfort level in a new modern living room.


Macy Blake


Miloš Rodić


San Francisco, USA




Residential Project

These rooms were designed by Miloš Rodić. The living room has a really lovely decor, with large windows and comfortable seating. The kitchen itself has nice shelves with strong wooden patterns and a nice table in the middle of the room.

Architects are usually required to provide predesign figures so our high-quality 3D & video production for architecture and urban design had a task to portray a redesigned living space for Macy so she can see what her apartment will look like redesigned.