Reopening the sky using 3D for Sonja

Touch the clouds!

YEAR 2020

Creating an open space to work and live in
Residential project

Lighting is an important, complex tool. We love it because it emphasizes any space to its full capacity. Sonja asked us to reopen the sky for her in her apartment and we achieved just that using large windows and well-planned schemes translated into 3D design.


Sonja Koc


Miloš Rodić


Los Angeles, USA




Residential Project

This project was created using the most advanced technologies architectural design of buildings, spaces, and high-quality archviz images, video, and immersive experiences. It was architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping experience.

Architects are usually required to provide predesign figures so our high-quality 3D & video production for architecture and urban design had a task to portray a redesigned living space for Sonja so she can see what his apartment will look like redesigned.